Retail Barber Supplies

Old-School Barber Supplies for That Classic Style

Old-School Barber Supplies for That Classic Style

Find hair tonic, razor strop items and more sold in Texarkana, TX

Did you get used to the look and feel of a classic barber tool, only to realize it's no longer sold in stores? Old-fashioned style continues to live on at Texarkana Barber & Beauty Supply. Visit our store in Texarkana, TX or browse online for barber tools and products from bygone eras.

You'd be hard-pressed to find things like hair tonic or mustache combs at your modern barber shop. Call 903-793-4608 today to ask about our available inventory of retail barber items in Texarkana, TX.

Discover rare barber tools you can't find anywhere else

All of the products we sell are professional-grade. Visit Texarkana Barber & Beauty Supply to shop for:

  • Hair tonic
  • Shaving gels and creams
  • Razor strop pieces
  • Shave brushes
  • Mustache combs

You'll be amazed by how sharp a razor strop can leave your straight razor. Take a look at our online shop or visit our location to find that perfect item you've been missing in Texarkana, TX.